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Traditional Classification: Sativa
Effects: Arousal, Creativity, Energy, Euphoria, Happiness
THC: 82.74%
TAC: 90.67%

Get ready to elevate your experience with Super Lemon Haze! This sativa-dominant hybrid is a vibrant cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, bursting with zesty citrus and sweet aromas. Perfect for sparking creativity, energy, euphoria, and happiness, each hit of Super Lemon Haze is designed to uplift and invigorate. New York Honey's 2g Dab Dart ensures a longer-lasting, eco-friendly, and premium vaping experience, crafted with the utmost care. Discover the excellence and sustainability of Veterans Choice Creations with every dab!

Why Choose Us? Made in Gloversville, NY, Veterans Choice Creations is a proud 100% Service Disabled Veteran-owned company. We pay fair wages, offer full benefits, and care about our community. When you choose New York Honey, you're not just supporting a company, but an entire community.

Loved this? Don’t miss out on the New York Honey Dab Dart and the all-new New York Honey 510 “Bullet” Cartridge.

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