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New Feb Flavor: Strawberry Cough

Welcome to our final installment of February Flavor, where we're exploring the delicious range of all-in-one vapes from New York Honey. Today, we're highlighting Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Cough is a well-known sativa-dominant strain appreciated for its distinct aroma and flavor. It boasts a sweet, berry-like taste with subtle earthy notes, offering a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience. It’s also valued for its uplifting and energizing effects. This cultivar is ideal for kickstarting your day or combating afternoon fatigue as it can inspire creativity and motivation.

Our Strawberry Cough AIO vape is crafted to capture the essence of this popular strain, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

As we conclude our February Flavor series, we've explored an array of tantalizing tastes from New York Honey's premium cannabis oil blends. From Cantaloupe Haze to Strawberry Cough, each flavor has offered a unique and enjoyable journey for the senses. We hope you enjoy our new flavors! 

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