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Introducing the New York Honey “Bullet” 510 Cartridge

Hey, Blunt Talk community! We are beyond excited to introduce our latest innovation: the New York Honey “Bullet” 510 Cartridge by Veterans Choice Creations. This new cartridge design promises to deliver the same exceptional quality and satisfaction you've come to love from our products, with a few exciting enhancements. Let's dive into what makes the Bullet a game-changer for your vaping experience.

What's New with the Bullet?

  • 1 Gram Capacity: Enjoy the same great capacity you're accustomed to, ensuring you get the most out of your favorite strains.

  • Refillable Design: In our commitment to sustainability, the Bullet features a convenient and eco-friendly refillable design. Reduce waste while enjoying your cannabis.

  • Choose Your Temperature: Whether you prefer a mellow experience or a more intense session, the Bullet allows you to use it at the temperature that suits you best.

  • High Potency: The Bullet maintains the high potency you expect, delivering powerful and effective results every time.

  • Universal 510 Threading: Compatibility is key, and the Bullet's universal 510 threading means it works with most 510 batteries on the market.

  • Same Affordable Price Point: We believe in providing high-quality products without breaking the bank. The Bullet continues this tradition, offering premium performance at an accessible price.

Your Favorite Cultivars, Now in the Bullet

We're launching the Bullet with three beloved cultivars: Mimosa, Barry White, and Blue Dream. Each is crafted to deliver a unique experience, from the uplifting and energetic vibes of Mimosa to the soothing and mellow effects of Barry White and the balanced euphoria of Blue Dream. And guess what? More flavors are on the way!

We Want Your Feedback!

At all our brands, we believe in putting our community first. We've heard your feedback about our previous all-glass 510 cartridge—many of you loved it, but there's always room for innovation. That's why we're offering you the choice to stick with the classic glass or embrace the new Bullet. Inside every Bullet package, you'll find a QR code. Scan it to vote for your preferred cartridge design. Your voice matters, and your input will help shape the future of New York Honey products.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support. Together, we’re elevating the cannabis experience in New York and beyond. Stay lifted and keep an eye out for more exciting updates from Veterans Choice Creations, New York Honey, and SpaceBuds.


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