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In The City With New York Honey

For the next installment of In The City With New York Honey, we’re taking Blue Dream out for a day on the town, ready to infuse our adventures with its uplifting and energizing effects. This cultivar boasts a higher THC potency than most and is made by crossing Blueberrry with Haze. Blue Dream is a fan favorite among cannabis consumers. Find out what dreams are made of for yourself and enjoy a day out in the bustling streets. 

Wake And Bake

We’re taking our hopes and dreams to Brooklyn Heights to start off our day in line for the iconic croissants at L’Appartement 4F. The line will give us plenty of time to take a few tokes while we get as baked as the layers of butter and flour. When we’ve secured the goods, we’re heading over to Brooklyn Bridge Park to indulge with a view. Once we’ve taken it all in, we’re exploring the waterfront parks and keeping the dream alive. 

Afternoon Delights

At Brooklyn Bridge Park, hop on the South Brooklyn ferry line and head to Govenor’s Island (Weekends in the summer only!). A beautiful day in the city means we’re soaking up the sun and views on the best transportation in the city. A $4 boat ride?! That’s the real dream. Head to the upper level and enjoy the uplifting effects. Explore Govenor’s Island with Blue Dream by your side, energizing your adventure each step of the way. Enjoy the food vendors, history, nature, and city views that the island has to offer. 

Evening Rituals

Once you’ve had a day on Govenor’s Island, take the ferry to Corlears Hook in the Lower East Side. We’re searching for some live music to cap off our day. The full-body relaxation provided by Blue Dream will help you unwind as you enjoy a night of great tunes. Whether you prefer an intimate jazz club or a lively rock venue, the Lower East Side has something for everyone. Let the music wash over you and enjoy the vibrant nightlife that the area is known for. Head to a cocktail bar or a rooftop lounge for a night cap and reflect on a day well spent with Blue Dream.

High Times Ahead

Want to enjoy the city with fellow cannabis enthusiasts? We are keeping a pulse on upcoming 420-friendly events in the city. Here’s one we think you’ll love! "Mom & Me at the Dispensary" Tour, presented by The CannaDiva, is to celebrate all kinds of Moms while integrating cannabis into the discussion, emphasizing education, mom appreciation, and community connections. Catch their last stop on 5/31 in Brooklyn!


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