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In The City With New York Honey

For the next installment of In The City With New York Honey, we are cracking open a fresh Orange Soda all-in-one and heading out for a vibrant day in the city. Known for its uplifting and energizing effects, this cultivar will carry you through from dawn to dusk. Here’s a proposed itinerary for a fun-filled day in the Big Apple with a little orange in your pocket.

Wake And Bake

Take a few sips of Orange Soda while you make your way to Park Cafe on Manhattan Ave on the Upper West Side. We’re taking our breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, and caffeine fixes to-go. Just three blocks uptown is gorgeous Morningstar Park. Pick the perfect spot for your picnic and enjoy the luscious scenery. Hit the pen as you explore the trails and spot wildlife. Exit the park where you entered and head downtown.

Afternoon Delights

It’s finally warm outside (this will probably jinx it) and nothing compares to the feeling of riding your bike down a hill in the summer breeze. With the added benefits of Orange Soda, this feeling will only be elevated. Grab a CitiBike at the top of Central Park and cycle down through the park taking in the sunshine and city views surrounded by nature. Be sure to stay alert and focused while cycling. Wear your helmet and maybe consider renting an electric so your mind is focused on one thing. Once you’ve made it through the park, dock your bike in Hell’s Kitchen. Grab some well-deserved empanadas (don’t forget the green sauce!) from Empanada Mama.

Evening Rituals

The sun has us beat so we are hitting an early movie at your preferred theatre. We're catching A24’s latest release, I Can See The TV Glow. We’ve heard the visuals are insane so of course we are toking on Orange Soda beforehand. Enjoy the enhanced experience with New York Honey. And if we are blessed with the experience of standing in front of a Coca-Cola Freestyle, we know what soda we’re sipping on. 

High Times Ahead

Want to enjoy the city with fellow cannabis enthusiasts? We are keeping a pulse on upcoming 420-friendly events in the city. Here’s one we think you’ll love!  New York is Now | A Cannabis Collective Event at THC NYC in SoHo on Thursday, May 23rd, from 7-10pm. Connect with industry leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in an evening filled with authentic connections, infused delights, and laid-back music in a private penthouse lounge and rooftop garden.


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