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In The City with New York Honey

We’re back In The City with New York Honey, providing you with a guide on navigating the concrete jungle with a touch of liquid gold. Today, we’re smoking on Cantaloupe Haze, a delicious melony sativa to put a pep in our step. Bundle up and let’s get stepping!

Wake and Bake

Kick off your day with a stroll and smoke in Central Park. Enjoy the scenes of nature against the city skyline while you get as high as the skyscrapers. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Old John’s on W 67th, just 2 blocks from Central Park. This quaint diner offers old and new classics, from pancakes to omelets to a BEC. We’re filling up on sweet carbs and drowning everything in syrup. After we’ve sufficiently brunched, we are walking it off along the river and taking in the views of the water. 

Afternoon Delight

Cantaloupe Haze is said to have uplifting, energetic, and creative effects, making this pen the ideal afternoon pick-me-up. We’re puffing for a dose of creativity and heading downtown. We’re exploring our artistic side this afternoon at Happy Medium, an art cafe where you order creative experiences. From clay to painting to collaging, this is the perfect winter escape for honing in on artistic expression. Let the plant guide your designs as you find your inner Picasso.

Evening Rituals

Once we’ve put the finishing touches on our creations, we’re heading to Chinatown to satisfy our hunger. Take a couple more tokes of the Cantaloupe Haze as you prepare to feast at a local dim sum spot, House of Joy. Grab a few friends and enjoy an array of delicious Chinese dishes. We’re grabbing a variety of dumplings, steamed buns, and rice rolls and toasting the day’s journey. Here’s to more days with New York Honey in tow.

High Times Ahead

Want to enjoy the city with fellow cannabis enthusiasts? We are keeping a pulse on upcoming 420-friendly events in the city. Here’s one we think you’ll love! Tomorrow night you can enjoy Let’s Smoke and Joke, a cannabis-infused comedy event in Brooklyn. If it’s not funny, at least you’re high. Enjoy, Blunt Talkers! Smoke soon.


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