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In The City with New York Honey

We’re taking the city by storm in 2024 and exploring all it has to offer. In the hustle and bustle of the city, don’t forget to take New York Honey on the go. Whether through the all-in-one vape or our 510 thread cartridges, NY Honey offers a discreet and stylish way to vibe. Check out our recommendations for a chill day in the city accompanied by our favorite accessory, a fresh NY Honey vape. 

Wake And Bake

A leisurely wake-up followed by a long drag is our ideal Sunday morning routine. Ever take a hit and realize the city is your playground? Paint the town green one dab at a time with NY Honey. We’re hitting our Runtz all-in-one vape today as bundle up and hit the pavement. First up is satisfying our breakfast cravings. We’re going with a beloved bacon egg and cheese. Have you ever tried yours with grape jelly? It adds a touch of sweetness to the salty classic if you’re looking to switch things up. You also can’t go wrong with a neighborhood diner. Grab something greasy and some coffee to wash it all down while the city starts to buzz. 

Afternoon Delights

Our favorite Sunday activity is people-watching in Washington Square Park, a hub for cannabis culture. Find a sunny bench, enjoy a few puffs of NY Honey, and take it all in. The eclectic characters, bustling conversations, and blends of sensory experiences make for an exciting park day. Once we’re feeling inspired by the sights and the power of liquid gold, we’re going to grab a slice and head to a museum or gallery. The Whitney is a few stops away, or we’ll pop into displays in the Lower East Side. Either way, we’re looking to be immersed in creativity and follow the vibe. When we’ve soaked in the energy of the city, we’re working smarter, not harder by picking up take-up and shuffling inside before the sun goes down.

Evening Rituals

It’s almost a new week, so we’re falling back into our weekly routine and starting the week by staying in and indulging in NY Honey. We’ve talked about embracing the winter evening routine on Blunt Talk, and this Sunday is no different. We’re getting cozy, catching a vibe, and eating take-out. Did you know our all-in-one is reusable? Once we’re done with Runtz, we’re grabbing a refill dart for a sustainable vaping experience.

High Times Ahead

As the seasons change, we’re looking forward to adding 420-friendly events to our routine. We’ll be sure to share more recommendations for upcoming events and new spots to vibe and connect in the city. Stay tuned for announcements as we plan experiences to connect our Blunt Talk community.

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