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Happy 7/10 From New York Honey: Quality Distillate for Your Celebrations

Happy 7/10, New York Honey enthusiasts! Today, we join the cannabis community in celebrating a unique stoner holiday dedicated to the wonders of cannabis oil and concentrates. If you’re curious about why 7/10 is significant, just flip the numbers upside down and you’ll see “OIL.” This clever twist has transformed July 10th into a day for appreciating the rich, potent world of cannabis extracts.

The Origins of 7/10

The 7/10 holiday is a relatively recent addition to the cannabis calendar, emerging over the past decade as concentrate use has surged in popularity. Unlike the long-standing 4/20 celebration, 7/10 is a nod to the evolving ways people enjoy cannabis. As dabbing and vaping have become more mainstream, concentrates have gained a devoted following for their purity and potency. Thus, 7/10 was born, giving us another reason to celebrate our love for cannabis in a new and exciting way.

NY's Finest in Every Drop

At New York Honey, we take pride in delivering excellence in every drop of our cannabis oil. Our refillable and rechargeable vape pens, Dab Dart, and 510 cartridges are designed to provide a seamless and delightful experience, crafted with passion and powered by cutting-edge technology. Each puff you take is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and the unique essence of New York.

The Terpene Symphony

One of the key elements that sets New York Honey apart is our use of botanical terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give plants their distinctive aromas and flavors. By incorporating botanical terpenes from a variety of plants, we create a flavor profile that is smooth, enjoyable, and unparalleled in complexity. This careful selection and blending of terpenes ensure that every puff of our vape pen is a journey into a world of rich, nuanced flavors.

Distillate Excellence

Our distillate is the heart of our products, crafted through a meticulous process that involves multiple passes to achieve the highest purity. We use a blend of  distillates, ensuring that the oil is rich in cannabinoids and retains the naturally occurring cannabis-derived terpenes. This blend creates a balanced and potent product that delivers both the desired effects and a delightful flavor experience.

Celebrate with New York Honey

As we celebrate 7/10, there’s no better way to honor this day than by enjoying the premium products that New York Honey has to offer. Whether you're dabbing with our Dab Dart, vaping with our all-in-one vapes, or using our 510 cartridges, you're in for an exceptional experience.

Dab Dart

Experience the pinnacle of cannabis oil with our Dab Dart. Each drop of our distillate promises unmatched quality and flavor, making it perfect for those who love to dab. The botanical terpenes we use enhance the natural flavors of cannabis, creating a product that’s both earthy and vibrant.

All-in-One Vapes

Our all-in-one vapes are designed for convenience and quality. With a sleek design and rechargeable feature, these vapes are perfect for on-the-go use. Each vape is pre-filled with our premium distillate, ensuring a smooth and flavorful experience every time.

510 Cartridges

For those who prefer a more customizable experience, our 510 cartridges offer the same high-quality distillate in a versatile format. Compatible with most 510 batteries, these cartridges are perfect for both novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Happy 7/10 from all of us at New York Honey! Celebrate the day with our premium products and make this holiday one to remember. Cheers to excellence in every drop!


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