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Elevate Your Experience with Our Ready-to-Use Oils

Hey Blunt Talkers! Want to elevate your next joint or smoking sesh? Try incorporating our high-quality distillates and concentrates.  Let's dive into how you can elevate your joints and dab rigs with these versatile, ready-to-use oils.

Transforming Joints 

Adding a distillate or a concentrate to your joint can transform an ordinary smoking session into an extraordinary experience. The process is simple yet impactful: Begin by rolling your joint with your preferred flower. Once rolled, take a small amount of the oil—such as the potent FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) from Veterans Choice Creations—and carefully drizzle it over the length of your joint. This can be done directly from the tube.

For a more even burn and intensified effects, some enthusiasts prefer to apply the oil inside the joint, spreading it on the rolling paper before adding the flower. This method not only boosts the potency but also enriches the flavor profile of your smoke. Whether applied inside or out, using concentrate ensures each draw is packed with a powerful punch and smooth, nuanced tastes.

Elevating Dab Rigs

Dab rigs offer a unique way to experience the full spectrum of cannabis flavors and effects, and when paired with high-quality distillate like the 2-gram refill dart from New York Honey, the results are unparalleled. To elevate your dabbing session, gently warm your dab tool before scooping a small amount of the oil. This ensures a precise application and prevents waste. 

Place the oil directly onto the nail or banger of your heated dab rig, inhaling slowly to savor the robust flavors and potent effects. The convenience of the refill dart means you can easily control dosage and customize your experience, whether you're looking for a light, flavorful hit or a more intense session.

Innovating Your High

Distillate and concentrate from our brands are not just convenient—they're a gateway to a more potent, flavorful, and enjoyable cannabis experience. By incorporating these oils into your joints and dab rigs, you're not only elevating your session but also embracing the future of cannabis consumption. As the industry continues to innovate, you can count on all of us at VCC & NYH to be on the cutting edge. 

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