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Dispensary Highlight: Dank 716, A Standout Player in Buffalo’s Cannabis Scene

Updated: Jun 20

This month, we're excited to spotlight Dank 716, located at 501 Main St in the heart of Buffalo. More than just a dispensary, Dank 716 has become a vital part of the local cannabis landscape, known for its commitment to education, quality, and community engagement.

Embracing Local Excellence and Education

Dank 716 is known for its dedication to supporting local growers, which not only improves access to safer, tested products but also bolsters the foundation of an equitable cannabis industry. The dispensary is committed to educating its customers on the effects of different potencies, terpene profiles, and product forms. This focus on education ensures that visitors leave more informed and confident in their cannabis choices.

A Founder with a Vision

Owned and operated by Aaron Van Camp, who has overcome significant challenges including nearly seven years in prison for cannabis charges, Dank 716 is a story of resilience and advocacy. Through New York State’s social justice programs, Aaron has turned his experiences into opportunities to support and uplift the community by providing legal, safe, and high-quality cannabis.

Community and Connectivity

Strategically located near popular spots like Hatchets & Hops and Misuta Chow's, Dank 716 is perfectly positioned as a hub for community and culture in downtown Buffalo. Aaron Van Camp emphasizes the importance of community support and has created a welcoming environment that encourages learning and connection.

Featured Products at Dank 716

- New York Honey: These all-in-one flavors and cartridges are perfect for those who value quality and convenience.

- Veterans Choice Creations: Explore our tinctures, flower, and prerolls, each designed to deliver a premium cannabis experience.

- SpaceBuds Moon Rocks: Choose from two flavors for a potent and distinctive experience.

Visit Dank 716

Dank 716 invites all cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers to explore their extensive product range, benefit from the knowledgeable staff, and engage with the cannabis community. Visit them at 501 Main St, Buffalo, and discover why Dank 716 is a beloved part of the local cannabis scene.

Stay tuned to our Dispensary Spotlights as we continue to explore and celebrate outstanding cannabis establishments like Dank 716 that are shaping cannabis culture across New York.


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