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A Sunday Special: Cannabis Effects on Physical Activity

Welcome to our Sunday Special on cannabis and exercise! We won’t be running anything but our mouths on Sunday, so kick your feet up, roll up, and exercise your mind. Today, we're delving into a fascinating study from Colorado University that challenges common perceptions about the relationship between weed and workouts.

Contrary to stereotypes, the study suggests that cannabis might enhance the exercise experience. Participants reported feeling more engaged and motivated, and even experiencing a heightened "runner's high" when using cannabis before or after physical activity. Note that effects were varied among individuals.

Cannabis was also found to have a positive impact on the recovery process post-workout. Those involved in the study reported feeling more relaxed and less stressed after incorporating cannabis into their workout routines, suggesting that it could help recovery time and muscle relaxation.

Ultimately, the connection between cannabis and exercise is complex and individualized. Whether it's hitting the gym or going for a run, listen to your body, make informed choices, and enjoy the journey. Go slow and find the right dose for your activity level. 

Whether you’re hitting the pavement or the continue-watching button on Netflix, cannabis is a welcome companion.

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